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Heleen van den Hombergh
Workshops in France, Ecolonie

From 8-12 August I gave three singing and song writing workshops at the Ecolonie community near Hennezel, Vosgues, France in which physical, mental and emotional connection to nature were the key ingredients. Ecolonie is a summer meeting place for people concerned with sustainability and inspired by spirituality, it was great to contribute to their work and joy with Green Beat's approach to music!


Proud of Pantanal Poetica, Brazil

We did it!  We made our journey Pantanal Poetica, a musical adventure with scientists, environmentalists and musicians from Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and Argentina literally on board of our trip this October. We created TEN new songs some of which will be spread by You Tube, through a documentary, and LIVE by the artists active in all those countries. The songs were informed and inspired by the beauty and uniqueness of the Pantanal, the largest tropical freshwater wetland on this globe, and home to well-known animals such as the jaguar, the giant otter, or the hyacinthe macaw.

One of the new songs surely will be an anchor in my own upcoming new CD project.....  Pantanal Poetica is an initiative of Green Beat Performers, developed and carried out with MUPAN, UFMS and many other partners in Brazil and beyond. See the links for more info and impressions of this very inspiring project. An example song and links for more info check out You Tube, check out Green Beat Performers, check out Facebook on "Pantanal Poetica"

Concerts, radio shows and network meetings Indonesia

In June 2015 I visited Sumatra, Java and Bali and performed with young and established jazz musicians in Medan and Jakarta, 3, 6 and 7 June.  The invitation was meant for Jazz Hijau, the musical cooperation project between Walhi, IUCN NL and Green Beat. We also gave two hour-long national level radio talkshows in which songs of the Cds were featured and I sang some songs in Bahasa Indonesia. On Bali I met extensively with singer-composer Robi from Navicula, also an artist inspired by nature conservation. For further info see the newspage of Green Beat.

Check out the video made earlier of my work and involvement in the Jazz Hijau/ Green Jazz project, on You Tube (links on this website to You Tube do not work temporarily!).

An Ode to the Dutch Dunes, a wonderful workshop week

In July 2015 I organized a workshop week for singers and songwriters in one of the Netherlands most beautiful areas: the Dunes of Schoorl. The area, its animals, landscape, people and history inspired us to write new material. Participants also interpreted  existing poetry and songs related to the sea and dunes  and presented all on stage. A happy week, totally plunged into nature, good lyrics, good songs, good poetry, good company. Happy to repeat, here and elsewhere. Part of our Green Beat concept. Heleen.

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